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Membership Renewal Instructions For Chapter Officers

A. Renewal Process Steps:

Early September - Time to send out those renewal notices! OARS will send out your customized Chapter Roster Renewal Form that includes both current and prior year members. It will be in an Excel format, with columns to check off renewals, donations and any changes. At the bottom of the page there is space to add New Members. Due to the way the database generates this report, Associate members are not included but you may find them on your Chapter Roster at arsoffice.org and include their names and membership id#s on this sheet.

1. Regular/Commercial/Corporate/Sustaining/Sponsoring/Student members:

Via e-mail:  Send Membership Renewal Form/E-Mail as an attachment, with a note providing your address where payment should be sent. This may be done as a group email to save time.

Via Mail:  Place a chapter label on a return envelope. Place member label and Chapter label on the Membership Renewal Form/Mail. Place both in larger envelope and mail out. You may wish to mail these along with your newsletter.

Online Renewals:  For those "tough to track down" members, suggest that they renew online following the instructions below. You will need to provide your members with their Member Id#.

To renew at arsoffice.org:  Click On-line Renewal of ARS Membership Dues link located in the blue "Members" column and follow the prompts. This online renewal form may also be used to update your contact information, make a donation and change your membership level. You may pay by credit card, debit card or personal PayPal account. Your payment will be processed through PayPal and both your local chapter and the National office will receive notice that you have renewed.

2. Associate members:

Send the Associate Membership Renewal Form as above. Associate members have an "A" next to their name on your Chapter roster. One must first be a chapter member in a regular, corporate etc. category before one may become an Associate of another chapter.

3. Life members:

Life members do not receive renewal notices. Life member chapter dues are paid annually to your chapter for the members that joined after July 1st 1984. Members may change chapters unless they are life members prior to July 1984.

Roster Renewal Form - (sample form)  As you receive your renewals, place an “x” next to the member’s name and note any donations or changes. Specific instructions are noted on this form to ensure accuracy. Please email these to me as you receive them, so that the database remains current. You may send your check at a later date when you have received the majority of your renewals.

Early October - Send October Renewal Reminder as above. Follow up with late renewals by phone. Don’t give up on them until you hear a definitive "no" and note their reason for the Membership Committee’s Non-Renewal Survey.

Early November- Call members who have not renewed. Sometimes this gentle nudge is all that is needed.

December 1st - Deadline to ensure inclusion on the Winter Journal mailing list. Renewals received after December 1st may not receive the Winter Journal. Anyone who missed the deadline may still read the Winter Journal online or purchase it for $10.00 (US & Canada) and $25.00 (foreign).

B. Membership Categories and Dues:

Category ARS Office Chapter Credit Total Dues
Regular (R)
(One or two people in same household.)
$30.00 $10.00 $40.00
Commercial / Corporate (C) $80.00 $10.00 $90.00
Sustaining (Su) $63.00 $12.00 $75.00
Sponsoring (Sp) $136.00 $14.00 $150.00
Student (St) $5.00 $5.00 $10.00
Associate (A) $0.00 $10.00 $10.00
Life, single (LS) $1000
chapter credit: $10/year
Life, family (LF) $1500
chapter credit: $10/year
18/15 Month New Member $30.00 $10.00 $40.00